Iguana Island

Iguana Island is an island in the Pacific Ocean, approx. 20 minutes away from Pedasi, the mainland of Los Santos.

The island is legally protected and administrated by the ANAM. Due to the island being a nature protection area there are no ferries or water taxis which could take you to the island. You have to rely on local fishers who mostly do not charge a price exceeding 10$ per person for the boat trip.

Throw a Glance at Iguana Island

Animals can still live on Isla Iguana without being disturbed.
Already from afar the island – surrounded by white sand beaches and crystal-clear water – looks very idyllic. Thanks to its special protection a very great variety of species is able to live and breed there without being disturbed.  Above all you can watch breeding magnificent frigate birds. Beyond doubt the name “Isla Iguana“ is justified in consideration of the numerous species of iguanas which have settled there. Furthermore three different species of ocean turtles use the island as peaceful breeding place. You see, Iguana Island has a lot to offer particularly to divers and eco-tourists. Being surrounded by corals, it is regarded as largest coral reef of Panama, which makes this place unique and essential for the entire ecosystem.

Arrival on Isla Iguana only according to certain rules

The ANAM has established a tourist centre – the so-called “El Crial” - at the largest beach of Iguana Island. There a parking attendant will be waiting. He will not only advise the island visitors of the rules of conduct, but also ask for a minor visiting fee. While locals have to pay $1 for a trip to Iguana Island, foreigners need to pay $3. The fees for the ferry to and from the island amount to $50. 

I would like to go there, but how?

Iguana Island can best be reached by bus. Leaving from the bus terminal Albrook in Panama City, buses are going to Los Santos every day. In Las Tablas you take the bus to Pedasi. Upon your arrival in Pedasi you have to bank on local fishers for being ferried.

Hint of TravelPanama

In Pedasi you should supply yourself with food and a lot of portable water as no fresh water is available on Isla Iguana. Furthermore you are warmly recommended to strictly and most exactly follow ANAM’s rules and safety regulations in order to maintain this wonderful place as unique treasure of nature. Camping on Isla Iguana is an extraordinary event, but don’t forget the tent including mosquito net.

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