Isla Grande

Isla Grande in the province of Colon is an island at the Caribbean coast of Panama. Contrary to its name "Isla Grande (Big Island") is fairly

small and familiar. Only a few people are really living there. If at all, most of them only have little houses on the island where they stay on public holidays or during their leave. Due to the few inhabitants the island is very quiet and idyllic. Isla Grande is surrounded by white sandy beaches and a blue-green sea. A few small restaurants, bars, hotels and houses which can be rented to tourists and locals have been established on the island.

Activities on Isla Grande

The island offers you a lot of room for different activities. You are invited mainly to relax and enjoy the dolce far niente. If you are keen on sports, you will be enthusiastic about the perfect conditions for swimming, snorkelling or surfing. People who prefer being as close to nature as possible are offered the possibility to camp at the beach on workdays. On special public holidays such as New Year’s Day or Carnival, festivities take place on Isla Grande. At these times locals as well as tourists come there to enjoy a peaceful festival. Furthermore locals like to undertake a family trip to Isla Grande on a holiday.

I would like to go there, but how?

Isla Grande is located in the province of Colón, in Panama and about 2-3 hours away from Panama City. The island can be reached either by car or by bus. Leaving from the main bus station in Albrook, the bus will take you to Portobelo in a distance of 99km. In Portobelo you have to take one of the small buses to go to the village "La Guayra". From here you will finally be ferried to Isla Grande within about 5 minutes at a price of approx. $ 1-2.

Hint of TravelPanama

You are highly recommended to undertake a trip to Isla Grande in Colón – it is really worth. 15km away from Isla Grande, you can additionally visit the legendary town Portobelo which – due to its rich history – is another interesting destination. 

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