John Wayne Island

Isla Taborcillo is a small private island which can be reached by boat from the Panamanian fishing village Punta Chame within approx. 15

minutes. It is also called “John Wayne Island“, as the actor was given the island from Omar Torrijos (previous head of government) in return for his engagement and achievements during the negotiations at the time of the Panama crisis. Today the island is owned by Ralph Hübner, the founder of the publishing company “Who is Who“. The island with its lush vegetation is surrounded by large white sand beaches. Coconut palms, very old mango trees and mangrove groves are characteristic of the island. A part of Isla Taborcilla was declared bird sanctuary – numerous species of egrets, brown pelicans and hummingbirds are nesting there. This is one of the reasons for having restricted the annual number of island visitors. Sea turtles arrive at the beach for egg disposition; dolphins are playing in the ocean, a variety of different coral reefs, deep sea fishing and several excursions on both, land and water – they all contribute to turning this island to a real, special event. The island accommodates a modern hotel complex in the style of old Western towns in which a church, graveyard, an old post office, cowboy towns and an Indian village with tipis have been integrated. It goes without saying that the sheriff’s office with a prison cell are not missing as well.

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