San Cristobal Island

San Cristobal Island represents an important section of the Admiral Bay. From the touristic point of view this island has been ignored most of

the time. The island misses the valuable forests, but – on the contrary – disposes of numerous marine surroundings. Two reefs being most probably two of the best – are located at its banks on the northern respectively western side. With reference to the navigation lights in the canal along the north coast of the island the first reef is called "Cristobal Light”. This canal is the only way for the ships which are loaded with cargo to be transported to the port of Almirante as e.g. bananas from the Changuinola plantations to be supplied to Europe and North America. The region Bocatorito in the north part of the island is a further major destination for tourists as they will pass the calm waters in the labyrinth of mangrove islands and the related lagoon landscape. There are three important Indian villages on the island: San Cristobal, Bocatorito and Valle Escondido. San Cristobal Island is one of the most important places in the region accommodating the power generator, a public phone and a primary school. Bocatorito and Valle Escondido are smaller, but have their own importance. Although you will find vegetable cultivation (cacao, yucca, rice) and farming of production animals (chicken, pigs) in all villages, fishing is still the most essential activity of the inhabitants.

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