Solarte Island

Solarte is one of the numerous islands of Bocas del Toro in the north-west of Panama. The island is located at 8 ½ degrees north

in a few minutes’ distance at the Caribbean coast of Panama. Solarte Island belongs to an archipelago which comprises more than 100 islands at the frontier of Costa Rica bordering the Panamanian coast towards the south. The island itself is about 3 miles long with a width of 0.5 miles at its widest point and more than 100 metres above sea level. Due to its numerous peaks, hills and hillsides it offers a magnificent view to half a dozen neighbouring islands and the Panamanian coast. The tropical rain forest on the island comprises hundreds of different kinds of trees with a baldachin of 40 feet so that only filtered sunlight will shine on the ferns, innumerable plants and shrubs.  Walking across the island, you will have the chance to listen to the noises of more than 300 tropical bird species in the forest. The coral reef surrounding Solarte Island offers some of the best snorkelling- and diving possibilities in the region.

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