Zapatillas Islands

Zapatillas Islands - two islands in the Atlantic Ocean. While the smaller one, Zapatillas Menor, is located in the west, the larger island,

Zapatillas Mayor, is in the east. These two wonderful islands are situated above a coral formation which enthusiasts of diving and snorkelling are fond of visiting. The Zapatillas Islands are within the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park. The base centre of scientists, who particularly focus on the ocean turtle, has been established on Zapatillas Menor, while you will find the Park Ranger Camp - responsible for the maintenance of species and nature protection - on Zapatillas Mayor.

The perfect location for relaxing body, soul and mind or for exploring the unique submarine world

Whatever your expectations of a Caribbean island will be, they will all be met by Zapatillas Island. If you like sunbathing, Zapatillas Islands will be the perfect location with its white sand beaches and blue-green water. You may escape into the near forest, if you can’t stand the sun any longer. The submarine world of Zapatillas Islands is only 300 m away from the beach. The coral reef offers splendid conditions for snorkelling and diving. Walking in the forest is another popular activity of the visitors.

I would like to go there, but how?

Zapatillas Islands can only be reached by water taxi from one of the main islands.

Hint of TravelPanama

We highly recommend you to spend a whole day on Zapatillas Islands. But you should by all means care for your catering in advance.

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