Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas – the bridge which connects the two continents North- and South America since the Panama Canal has been

constructed. It is a road bridge at the Pacific coast of the Panama Canal. The bridge was designed by Svedrup & Parcel & Associates, Inc and constructed by John F. Beasly and Company between 1959 and 1962 at a price of $ 20 millions. On 12th Oct. 1962 it was inaugurated, thus becoming an essential component of the Pan American Highway. It connects Panama City and the Rest of Panama. The travellers using the bridge with a length of 1.655 m are offered a breathtaking view to the opposite side. All types of vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and also donkeys may enter and cross this famous and important bridge. The free space of the bridge is between 61,3 m and 106 m, while the bridge is 10,4 m wide. Visitors have already found out that the best view from the mainland can be enjoyed on the Amador Causeway. On the west side of the bridge a small pavilion has been established which also offers a great view and an excellent overall picture.

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