Casco Viejo

The culture and history of Panama can be absorbed in the 333 years old colonial old town of Panama, Casco Viejo. The numerous

churches, monuments, museums and the National Theatres in Casco Viejo still give evidence of the Spanish and French architectural influence. Although the old colonial buildings seem to be slightly derelict at first sight, this quarter has not at all lost its prettiness. Most of the pastel-coloured buildings are equipped with artfully curved iron balconies.    

Large-Scale Restoration Campaign for Revitalisation of the Region

As ordered by the government of Panama, a large part of Casco Viejo has already been renovated and restored. It was paid attention to maintaining the historic centre which offers a fantastic view to the skyline of Panama City and the Bridge of the Americas.  Plans for further restorations of this historic neighbourhood have already been made. A detailed time schedule when the entire restoration will have been completed is, however, not known.

The most beautiful places, buildings and monuments can be visited in the area around block 38:

Plaza Mayor
Plaza Francia
Paseo Las Bovedas
Arco Chato
Palazio Presidencial
Plaza Santa Ana

I would like to go there, but how?

You can reach Casco Viejo either by bus or taxi. As the taxi ride won’t cost more than $3, it is recommendable to take a taxi.

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