Metropolitan Park

The Metropolitan Park is the only American park that is situated in the centre of a major city. Comprising an area

of 232 hectares, it mainly consists of humid-tropical old-growth forests along the Panama Canal which border on the Las Cruces Trail National Park and Soberania National Park.

Metropolitan Park – The Lung of Panama City

Such a centrally located national park is of course quite advantageous, balancing the extremely rank nature and the increasing urbanisation of Panama. Thus it is a perfect location for many Panamanians and tourists to escape the hustling city life and enjoy the unique nature. Being an essential oxygen producer the Metropolitan Park helps reducing the air pollution and is consequently also called “the lung of the city“. Moreover the park plays an important role in emphasizing the significance of nature protection. Numerous school projects – taking place there - aim at arousing and encouraging the children’s interest in environmental concerns and –conduct.

Flora and Fauna of Metropolitan Park

As the visitors can watch a really great variety of tree- and plant species in the Metropolitan Park, they can get a foretaste of the plenty animal species in Panama.  Particularly bird lovers will be all excited. They, however, need to have a perfect vision as the birds cleverly disguise and hide in the tree tops. Little Titi-apes are often met as they always react very curiously on visitors and like to examine them carefully.  If you are lucky, you will perhaps be able to observe a sloth which has left its tree and slowly starts looking for some food. As neques and coati (gatos solos) are rather shy, you will only notice them with perfect vision and careful approach to them.

Metropolitan Park – An Event for Young and Old

The Metropolitan Park offers various paths and routes of different lengths and levels of difficulty: Sendero Roble, Sendero mono titi, Sendero Caobos, Sendero la Cienaguita, Sendero los Momotides. If you – for example – want to pass the park with children, it is recommendable to choose the easier and shorter paths. Experienced hikers will be attracted by the Sendero mono titi – the most difficult and exciting route. It will take you to the viewpoint (Mirador) from where you can enjoy a splendid view on Panama City and the Panama Canal. At the entrance of the park you will first pass a lake with turtles and caimans. Prior to entering the park you should address the visitors’ centre of the Metropolitan Park. The entry fee amounts to approx. $1-2 and is paid with pleasure for maintaining such a unique park.

Hint of TravelPanama

The park administration "Patronata" in Panama can provide you with detailed information about the Metropolitan Park. Of course you can also directly contact the visitors’ centre of the park where you will receive maps, important advice and details about the various paths in the park.


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