Panama City

Panama City is not only the capital city, but – having approx. 1 million inhabitants - also the largest city of the republic Panama.

The cities urban image is characterised by an impressive combination of historical buildings, monuments and an ultra-modern, dynamic city including casinos and a lot more. Its skyline will remind you of New York. Speaking of Panama City these days, we refer to the modern skyscraper-town, although it consists of three sectors which reflect the different historical ages of the city: the modern Panama City with its skyscrapers and the local business district, the neighbourhood Casco Viejo witnessing the colonial era and the original city Panama in Panama Viejo, the so-called old Panama.

Panama City is far more than just the Panama Canal

Everybody, who still thinks that the Panama Canal is the only attraction of Panama and Panama City, is absolutely wrong. Of course the Panama Canal is an impressive example of architecture and a “must-see“ during a Panama vacation, but additionally Panama offers numerous further attractions. Panama City is – for example – the only town in the world accommodating a tropical rainforest, the so-called national park "Parque Metropolitano" directly in the cities heart. Next to the Metropolitan Park, a long artificial causeway is located, the so-called Amador. Amador is a must for everybody who likes to enjoy a meal with a spectacular view at the Pacific Ocean, the Panama Canal, the skyline of Panama City and the Bridge of the Americas.

Entertainment around the clock in Panama City

The nightlife of Panama City is highly dynamic and multifaceted. As the Panamanians are enthusiastic about going out, they won’t miss a single opportunity to celebrate. The numerous bars, cinemas, restaurants, clubs and casinos in the business district of Panama City and Casco Viejo offer everything required to fulfil the wishes of the expectant night owls. It is particularly recommendable to spend an evening on the extracted arm of Panama City in one of the many bars and discos on the Amador (causeway) which simultaneously offer a great view to the Atlantic Sea and the skyline of Panama City. The Causeway is also ideal as starting-point for a day-trip to the island of flowers, Taboga Island. Panama City also offers everything desired by a sportsman’s heart, no matter whether he is fond of billiards, bowling, tennis, football, golf, surfing or other sporting activities.

A Real Shopping-Paradise

With regard to shopping you will find in Panama City whatever you are looking for – for each taste and purse. Enjoy shopping in the Duty Free Shopping at Tocumen International Airport and in the Duty Free Shop at the Causeway! The three largest and most exclusive shopping centres of Panama City - Multicentro, Multiplaza and Albrook Mall – all dispose of cinemas, food-courts and will make shopping lovers’ hearts beat faster..

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