Panama Viejo

Panama La Vieja or Panama Viejo – that’s the name of the last remainders of the first city which was founded by Pedro Arias de Avila

in 1519. Unfortunately only ruins of the formerly very prosperous old city of Panama are still left. After the colonial era Panama La Vieja developed to one of the most important trading stations of the Spanish due to its central location and ample raw material deposits. The trade mainly with the raw material gold was booming.

Panama La Vieja/Panama Viejo destroyed by Henry Morgan

In 1671 Panama Viejo was destroyed by the English pirate Henry Morgan who had the city burnt down to its grounds and robbed. He started establishing the new Panama City which is nowadays known as Casco Viejo respectively Casco Antiguo. In 2003 the ruins of Panama Viejo were declared a UNESCO-world heritage site. Panama La Vieja ranks among the most attractive urban places of interest. You can easily reach it and be introduced to its history being more than 470 years old. Some monasteries, the town hall and the main place with the cathedral are in particularly good condition.

The most beautiful places in Panama Viejo

Las Ruinas de la Catedral
El Cabildo
Las Casas Reales
Convento de San Francisco
Convento de los Jesuitas
Hospital de San Juan de Dios
Convento de las Monjas de la Concepcion
Convento de Santo Domingo
La Casa de Obispo
El Fuerte de la Natividad
Puente del Rey
Puente del Matadero
Convento de San Jose

I would like to go there, but how?

Panama Viejo is about 15-20 minutes away from the centre of Panama City. You can go to Panama La Vieja by bus, car or taxi. A taxi ride should not be more expensive than $3.

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