The province of Veraguas borders the province of Chiriqui and the Ngobe Bugle territory in the West and the provinces of Cocle, Colon, Herrera and Los Santos in the East. Veraguas is the third biggest province of Panama and is the only province that borders the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Caribbean. In total the province contains fourty more islands. Especially the coasts, beaches and islands are of interest for tourists and travellers. They say that the name Veraguas derives from the green colour of the rivers (Verde Aguas). The capital of Veraguas is Santiago. Except for a lot of banks, there is not much to see and discover for travelleres. It is mostly used as a transit point for travellers with the direction Chiriqui. In the center of Santiago you can buy food and clothing. The travellers that don't only use Santiago as a transit point can visit the National Museum of Veraguas, which is located next to the Juan Demostenes Arosemena Park. The province of Veraguas is home to Coiba Island, measuring 493 square kilometers, it is the largest american island in the Pacific Ocean and also the largest island of Panama. Particularly for sportsmen and eco-tourists the province has a lot to offer. Several National Parks invite visitors to explore them. The district of Sona is home to the long since popular small village and same-titled beach Santa Catalina amongst surfers and big game fishers.

Hannibal Bank

Hannibal Bank

You will find Hannibal Bank only a few kilometres away from Isla Coiba. At the west coast of Isla Coiba – where the world-famous Hannibal Bank


Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina

350 km away from Panama-City, Santa Catalina is located in the Panamanian province Veraguas directly at the Pacific Ocean.


Isla Cebaco

Cebaco Island

Cebaco Island – belonging to Panama – is located in the Gulf of Montijo in the Pacific Ocean. About 650 persons are living on an area


Isla Coiba

Coiba Island

Coiba Island is located offshore the Pacific coast of Chiriqui and Veraguas in the Gulf of Chiriqui. With an area of 493 km² Coiba Island is the largest



Things to do in Veraguas

Veraguas is the only Panamanian province that has coasts on both oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. It is also known for its large number of rivers. Due to its large coastal areas and islands, Veraguas is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

Sport Fishing - One of the most popular things to do in Veraguas is the sports and deep sea fishing. The fishing grounds around Coiba Island is really a dream for every angler. Here you will find optimal conditions and the tours that are offered here are at the highest level. Huge schools of tuna, Marlins, sailfish, sharks, roosters and many other species can be caught in these waters.

Diving - In Veraguas there are many dive sites that have absolute perfect conditions for snorkeling and diving. Especially Coiba Island, which has a huge coral reef with a unique underwater world, is to mention in terms of diving. Sea turtles, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins and many other sea creatures can be observed on Coiba Island in their natural habitat.

Whale watching - Whale watching is also a very popular activity that is offered in Veraguas. Especially in the months of June to October, the whales of the Southern Hemisphere, and from November to February the whales in the Northern Hemisphere are seeking for warmer waters to mate and give birth to their young. In the area of Coiba National Park and around Cebaco Island the whales find plenty of food and can be viewed easily from the boat.

Flora and fauna - The tropical forests of Veraguas accommodate a variety of different animal species. The best way to discover them is at the national parks along the trails. Cerro Hoya National Park is home to the endangered scarlet macaws. In addition, jaguars and ocelots roam the forests of the park. Santa Fe National Park is famous for its waterfalls, orchids and butterflies. In Coiba National Park, you can spot saltwater crocodiles, iguanas and howler monkeys.

Trekking - National Park Cerro Hoya and National Park Santa Fe offer many beautiful trails. Waterfalls, rivers, mountains and swampy passages have to be crossed. The Trekkin tours are an absolute must for adventurers and hikers. Furthermore Coiba National Park offers hiking tours throughout the island.

Surfing - Along the miles of Pacific coast in Veraguas, there are many good surf spots. The most famous beach among surfers is Santa Catalina. Not so long ago it was just a sleepy little fishing village. In the last years this place has become a surfing mecca, where even international surfing competitions are taking place.

Highlights in Veraguas

  •  Coiba National Park - This park is must for divers and anglers. Moreover, due to its isolation it has developed a unique biodiversity.

  •  Cerro Hoya National Park - Here you will find pure nature and absolute wilderness.

  •  Playa Santa Catalina - One of the most famous surfing beaches of Panama and a venue for international surfing competitions. Most of the boats that are going to Coiba Island start from Playa Santa Catalina.

How to get to Veraguas?

By bus - from Panama City to Santiago is about five to six hours. In Santiago there are buses every hour that bring you to your desired destinations in Veraguas.

By car - From Panama City along the Pan-American Highway to the provincial capital Santiago.


Although Coiba Island is the highlight of your vacation in Panama, you shouldn't miss the other national parks.

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