Hannibal Bank

You will find Hannibal Bank only a few kilometres away from Isla Coiba. At the west coast of Isla Coiba – where the world-famous Hannibal Bank

and Isla Jicaron are located – the sea bed plunges down by several thousand metres. Due to the meeting of various ocean currents and a temperature mix imaginarily large crowds of fish and other sea dwellers can be watched around Coiba National Park respectively Coiba Island.

Hannibal Bank, Bajo de Hacha Bank and Banana Bank

Near to Hannibal Bank two further banks "Bajo de Hacha Bank" and "Banana Bank" are situated. Although these two banks are not as impressive as Hannibal Bank, it is worth visiting them as they are in direct neighbourhood. Also Isla Montousa with shoals of numerous tuna during the season is within easy reach.

The Most Known Fish Species of Hannibal Bank

Bluefin tuna
Blue marlin
Black marlin
White marlin

I would like to go there, but how?

Hannibal Bank is close to Isla Coiba in Coiba National Park (Parque Nacional Isla Coiba). The small fishing village Santa Catalina with the known Playa Santa Catalina is the nearest starting-point for fishing- and diving trips. You can go to Santa Catalina by bus and car.

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