Santa Catalina

350 km away from Panama-City, Santa Catalina is located in the Panamanian province Veraguas directly at the Pacific Ocean.

It is a small dreamy jewel – the home of approx. 300, mostly Spanish speaking people. The village consists of some restaurants, a handful of houses and a small shop. As you won’t find an ATM there, you are recommended to have sufficient cash for a stay with you. The two beaches Playa Santa Catalina and Playa Estero are in a distance of few minutes from the village. They are covered with black sand which is washed up by a nearby river. This place is an insider tip for surfers, divers, snorkelers and fishers. Surfers are magically attracted by the reef of Santa Catalina which disposes of a “killer-point-break“ called ”La Punta“, where one of the best surfing waves throughout Central America shows up. A “beach-break“, called “Estero“ – extending to various kilometres along the beach -  is also available for surf beginners. Divers will experience an incredible variety of species in the underwater world. Mantas, eagle rays, jewfishes and gigantic amounts of colourful fishes will surround them during each dive. The crystal-clear water is also suitable for snorkelers who may admire various fish species at the reefs. If you go by boat to one of the islands off the coast, you may not only enjoy the white sand beaches, but also further underwater adventures and partly unexplored breakers. They are told to be even somewhat better than the very famous “La Punta“.

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